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Logi Nu
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Setpoint 6.32 tracking issues

hi, i'm new to the forum i thought i might give some feedback with an issue i had with setpoint 6.32


im an owner of a m950 MX Performance mouse, bought it like 3 - 4 months ago and recently i installed setpoint 6.32 after i installed it i didnt notice for a while i thought i might of had a virus cause when i played games i'd lag quite a bit 

i tried cleaning my mouse, cleaning my mouse mat, running scans through my anti virus and anti malware


it wasnt until today when i thought about installing the driver before Setpoint 6.20 it was only until i installed this version did i stop getting tracking issues with my mouse and everything is fine now


the tracking issues were inaccuracies in games the mouse wasnt smooth and kept jumping thats why i thought it might have been the sensor or something, anyways its all good now thought i might share that information with the developers if they read this or someone else with the same issue