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Logi Nu
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Logitech support not responding?

I sent an e-mail to Logitech support a week ago about a dead LCD screen and no one has responded or even acknowledged the message (save the autoresponder).  Is this common?  Is it a holiday issue?  Have read about ignored messages once or twice here but thought that those were isolated incidents.  I know the blank screen/dead LCD issue is a fairly common problem but it doesn't seem as anyone has actually gotten a fix for it ever.  Logitech, if you have someone on the forum, can you please help? 


Here is the text of the message I sent:

"LCD screen on remote has gone blank.  It is still backlit (when tilted to activate) but nothing appears on the screen.  Remote was working normally at 1am the night before.  By 9am the next morning, LCD was blank.  Remote was alone on a sofa all night and was not dropped or otherwise disturbed.  The battery was charged the day before and should not be depleted.  All other buttons on the remote control work normally; only the screen is malfunctioning.  Please advise."