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Logi Nu
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Registered: ‎03-30-2011
Up/Down very slow with Antec Fusion remote case

Hi there,


I recently purchased an Antec Fusion remote case and built a PC, installed Win7, iMon software etc.


The Antec remote works fine...quick to respond, quick to repeat (e.g. going down a long list)


I programmed my Harmony 650 to control this case, but many of the stock commands were not working, so I used the LEARN feature to enable many of the commands, including the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT PAD commands that my antec remote uses.


The commands work, but there is a horribly long delay between responses (e.g. 1 second or more).  When scrolling through a long list of media, this is impossible.  I've set the interkey delay to 0, and even adjusted the repeats setting and tried both 5 and 0.  No change.


Not sure how to resolve this...because as it stands, the interface from the remote is WAY too slow to be useful.  Woudl really appreciate some help!