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Logi Nu
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How to set a toggle feature on my G13 to have shift toggled on and off?
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Ok so I play an MMO where you have to sprint using shift. I spoke to a really amazing PVPer the other day who says he uses the G13 keyboard just like I do, and he said that I needed to set my sprint feature to toggle on and off. So in other words, I press a button on my G13, and it enables Sprint to continue to be pressed. But then if I press that same button again, it will no longer be holding the shift key down. Now I dont want a repeat option, as in I dont need the G13 to keep on spamming the Shift key, I need it to hold it down. Can someone please explain to me how to go about doing this please?


Oh also I dont want a time based Macro. I am aware that I could just set it up so that it holds it down for like 10 seconds or something like that, and then I just press it every 10 seconds. The problem with that is, if I'm in a situation where I need to get my stamina back, thats not going to be viable for me.