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Logi Nu
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[G400] Pack of problems


I bought G400 yesterday and here's what I found out about it so far.

1. Ripple. Look at the images (LGS 8.20):

800 DPI

1800 DPI

3600 DPI

It seems to me that the most usable resolution is 3600 DPI. 800 DPI is unusable.

2. Wheel slackness. The wheel can be rotated considerably without getting a click and sometimes this even results in a scroll event (again, without a click). When scrolling the web page, if you rotate the wheel up and down several times and then return it to its initial position the web page won't return to its initial position (it will be higher or lower from its initial position by several scroll positions). And we're talking about a new mouse with a new scroll mechanism.

3. Left button is more tight than right one (right one is pretty slack).

4. Very thin cord. Which means that if some part of the cord is bent around something and this bent part is constantly moving this cord will break in this place in about a year.


I want to return this mouse. So my question is this: are clauses 1 & 2 considered as defects by Logitech?