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G5 Ver.2 Laser (Black and Blue pattern) Freezes, stops responding.
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Quick INFO: G5 V.2 (I have 2 of them) with latest Setpoint 4.72

                   Been tested on three different MOBOs (ASUS 939 socket A8NSLI Deluxe, ASUS AM2 M2NSLI, currently Gigabyte AM2/AM3ready GAMA78GM-US2H)

                   OS: Windows XP SP3,750Watt PSU, Athlon 62 X2 7750 AM2+ CPU, 8800GTS640mb Video,


Okay this is my first time posting after looking up EVERYTHING I could look up on about issues with this mouse. Most of the time I notice people talk about the red laser and I go "I don't have that, there's two G5s" So that's why I'm posting this and I'm just lost.


Like it says I have the version 2 G5 mouse witht he black and blue pattern and two extra side buttons for the thumb (I LOVE THIS MOUSE). 


But here's my issue. It freezes, as in no tracking, no clicking or response. 


When: During any videogame regardless of what it is. It's very hard to know when it does this because sometimes I can play for 6 hours and nothing happen or within an hour or less it will freeze.


How: When it freezes there is no way to click or scroll or move the pointer in game or even on the desktop when I move to it.  Now it doesn't freeze on the desktop. Usually it never does. Yet in my trouble shooting when I clean install setpoint and have Setpoint implement my mouse or game detection it WILL freeze on the desktop at random times. It will never unfreeze unless I REBOOT.  NOTE: If I hot plug or just unplug my mouse my computer freezes, if I turn it off at Device Manager my comp freezes. The Mouse is STILL detected by my comp but it doesn't like it when I unplug the mouse. Yes this is a USB mouse so I'm confused. 


I've bought a second mouse (no time for RMA plus I wanted to be clear what the prob it was) same mouse and all but it TOO has the same issues with or without Setpoint. 


So I've tried the drivers, I've semi-tried different computers (I've had upgrades with the comp notice the mobos). I've looked up Priority (setting it above normal to realtime). 


Right now I just plugged in the my older G5 V.2 mouse to see if my comp would freeze but they BOTH work on my desktop they BOTH work with their buttons in games. (I haven't played games with both mice in might try it to see what happens Smiley Tongue) Anyway it's very hard to believe I happen to get two bad mice. 


Some say it's the cord or it could be IRQ or software or just the mouse defective but I have read so many defects of G5 through G9 mice having a similair problem. 


Here's what I don't get when my mouse freezes I can use a cheap USB mouse to move my pointer and everything and even replug the cheap mouse with no issues but as soon as I dare to remove the logitech mouse my comp freezes and I have to reboot anyway. 


I can't test anything in a consistent matter, cause the freeze can happen at any time on any game. 


UPDATE: So I tested playing a game (World in Conflict) and after playing a good hour or so my mouse froze. So I went ahead and hotplug in my other G5 Version2 Mouse in and it worked right away. Of course after ten minutes it too froze the same way. So I figured I could just unplug the mouse I just put in with no problems but when doing so my computer froze. Also when the comp freezes my keyboard won't work and the screen is frozen of whatever the image is at the time but everything in the background is running like sounds/music/Ventrillo or Skype so I'm just at a lost. 

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