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Official Suggestion Thread and Some Quick Fixes
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I wanted to start this thread so we can keep all suggestions in one place
See the next post for some Quick fixes and known problems
I will update this post with everyone's suggestions so they can all be seen in one place
If you see a post that has your suggestion or a suggestion you like please give a Kudo


  • Key Customization Added to Phone Apps still needed for Tablets
  • Ability to add additional commands at the beginning and end of an Activity
  • Change the Power On order of Devices 
  • Option for Projectors to have more than 1 command sent for the Power Off Command
  • Remote options to set whether or not to send play command
  • Sequences
  • Activity Icon Customization
  • Ability to isolate emitter ports to allow for multipule devices with only one codes set
  • Ability to add multiple Links to one account for multi-zone applications
  • Control app for the computer
  • Timer based Activity activation
  • Sleep timer
  • WIFI communications with the Revue as workaround to the poor communication from an IR Based remote 
  • WIFI communications for other Devices that can be controlled by IP rather than IR.  ie TIVO devices
  • Be able to change themes/make your own theme
  • Re order Activities 
  • Black Berry Support
  • Windows Phone Support

General UI:

  • Customizable Gestures
  • Voice Commands
  • Option to see all programmed buttons for a device
  • Be able to change themes
  • Widgets for Volume Up/Down Channel Up/Down
  • Widgets for commands
  • Widgets for Activities
  • Widgets, widgets and more widgets
  • Permanent off button
  • Color coding for different devices commands so they can be easily indetified after customizing commands

Phone UI:

  • Combine the transport/number pad and Dpad so that you can swipe between all three
  • No Password after initial link with Link
  • Widgets for Volume Up/Down Channel Up/Down

Tablet UI:


  • Key Customization
  • Make the Devices area collapsible/expandable with the option to set the default or be able to reorder them
  • Allow for a remote resembling the original for the Devices area instead of a List
  • After Activity has been started the ability to change the Guide to other locally installed apps(like the Squeezebox app for a Squeezebox Activity or the Google GTV Remote For GTV Activity.
  • Ability to keep screen on so that it does not sleep.  This could just be an iOS issue
  • option to swap controller from right to left
  • Be able to turn off the TV "guide" function when using other components.
  • Option for a grid like Guide
  • Ability to turn off guide
  • Adjust Program guide resolution for slower internet connections so the images populate faster

If you feel like taking your suggestion straight to Logitech here is a link to their survey form

If you are looking for official Logitech Customer/Technical Support, please >> CLICK HERE <<.
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