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Logi Nu
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Registered: ‎04-01-2012
H800 Works for 1 to 20 seconds; then disconnects in all apps.

Win Vista x64

Asus p5Q Mobo w/ integrated sound

Nvidia 560ti GPU

core 2 dual E8500 chip

Speakers work fine when I disable the H800

Pairs fine with nano (not blue tooth); works for 1 to 20 seconds in WMP, Youtbue, BF3 game, Ventrillo VoIP. Always disconnects and starts flashing slow green. 


I turn off the H800, turn it back on and it'll work again for 1 to 20 seconds. 


I have been troubleshooting this for 48 hours. I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything. I have disabled all System and Sound devices showing up in Device Manager. I am at a loss. 


The H800 had no issues for 3 months. This problem seemed to start when I upgraded Nvidia drivers, but I"ve since done a clean uninstall and rolled back to the 280.65 drivers that worked for 3 months with the H800.