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Logi Nu
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G35 Bass Buzzing o.0
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I just bought a brand new G35 and from the moment I got home I tried it out on my favorite songs and tunes and found that it was a smart choice of headset.


However within a few minutes I started to hear a constant buzz in the bass of the right ear piece. I thought it would have something to do with the song quality or maybe 7.1 surround sound revealed an error that could not be heard on your lower setting's. But Logitech I have had this headset for a week and it keeps getting even worse, now its got to the point where to stop the buzzing I have to turn the bass completely off in the G35 control panel.


I have researched everything i could find on the mater but it comes down to the fact that it was sold to me with some kind of Fault.


However i do love this headset it suits my computer very well and has amazing sound quality. So looking for a refund, im just looking to replace this one with a new G35 (this time without buzzing -_-)


p.s sorry about the Author Name ( it wouldnt let me choose anything Smiley Frustrated )