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Logi Nu
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Iphone 3GS has stopped working with my Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus

I have been happily playing my ipod/iphone 3GS on my Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus, and a while ago it stopped working.


It is very annoying, as I have done all the trouble-shooting from various forums.  Nothing has worked.  


I need some help to fix this, otherwise I have an expensive phone charger!


The charge function works, but it now tells me everytime this device may not work etc... it did that occasionally before but always worked.


I have rebooted my iphone, I have reset the factory settings, I have powered down and put it on the docking station then powered up.  Nothing works.


The iphone settings show version 4.2.1, not sure if that is the OS number or not.  However when I plug it into my laptop/itunes, it says it's up to date.


I am desperate for a solution, otherwise I need to return my Logitech device under warranty, since it should work with new software, no?