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Squeezebox Server Crash - LDS7.7.1
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Like many others posting we have recently & suddenly had constant server crashs since upgrading to LDS7.7.1
Error in diagnostics:
Ports 3483, 9000, and 9090 have all failed. I also see the following in the Alerts box:
Possible software conflict found
* Norton
* Norton
* Norton

Had logged this with support and like many others got the clean reinstall story which of course is rubbish. Have ensured that all ports are open so finally after wasting a few hours this morning decided to go back to an earlier build.

Have installed 7.6.1 [the last Squeezebox branded build) and so far everything looks stable. Time will tell.

My question to Logitech is -- when will the obvious bug in 7.7.1 be corrected and will it be part of 7.7.2 ?? None of us want to go through all of this hassle again.