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Logi Nu
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Thinking about purchasing G27.

So, I have been thinking to buy the G27 Racing Wheel, mostly because of the H-Shifter and clutch pedal. Currently I have Driving Force GT and have been very pleased about it.


So the few big questions for me are:


1) Is there an option in profiler to assign the shifter for keyboard commands?

I ask this because for DFGT there hasn't been and in some older games I have had to use paddle shifter, which I am NOT a fan of. This might no be a problem for most of us but for me playing older games too (NFSU, NFSU2 etc. losing the sequential shifter would be a big loss.) I know there is no hardware based sequential on G27 but maybe the rubberband trick would work for me... And as far as I know, not all the new games support H-Shifer also.


2) Is the G27 really worth the money?

I ask this because I am not that rich... Wouldn't go bankrupt though, but still would hurt a bit. Some new games take the advantage of H-Shifter and Clutch and as a "real car fanatic" getting all the available realism is somewhat important for me. BUT is the G27 really that much better in terms of useability and features, and is it how easy to use? I mean is it more plug-and-play or plug-and-pray type of controller? And does the clutch really give much addition to gaming experience? Any experiences in games like NFS: Carbon, GRID or Dirt, for example?


Sorry, if these have been asked before but I HAVE googled for answers, alot..

And thanks in advance for any answer!