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My feedback of the G500 Gaming Mouse and What I would like the next one to include

Hey everyone. So here is what I would like to see in hopefully my new corded mouse purchase. I've bought the G300,400 and now 500. All great works due to comfort and not going overboard like so many other mice I see for sale from other brands.


The Pros of the G500:


The adjustable weight

Ability to disable the scroll wheel into free scroll mode

Thumbs buttons are nicely groved to tell them apart by feel


The Cons of the G500:


The furthest thumb button towards the cord is slightly too far up for where my hand naturally rests.

Not enough thumb buttons. 3 is good which makes me rate this mouse at about a 92%. 5 Well Organized Buttons would improve my game play significantly and I would gladly rate it 100% with those additional buttons.



I like the feel of the thumb buttons. I'd rather have the feel of the click like an old phone numberpad then what some of these other brands like Razor Naga have. Keep the quality of the product and the simplicity as well driving in its current path. Just add a few more thumb buttons to make it easier to use in games.


Btw, you'll notice that this is my first post. I spent the time to go thru registration and such simply to post this Addaboy and my hope on the future corded. I'm not interested in cordless mice. Not until the auto charge themselves w/o me having to remember to plug them in Smiley Happy


Just a quick description of how I hold my mouse: My wrist is resting on my desk, my base of my palm is at the bottom edge of the mouse and desk,  my fingers are slightly bent. With this being my normal gaming position my thumb tip rests on the middle (red square) button, making me have to move my hand up the mouse to click the top mouse button. Move the buttons back 1 inch and we will be golden.



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