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G27 wheel wont stay in allignment

I am having issues with the wheel not staying in allignment.


When the wheel first powers up, it goes through its little spin diagnostic and everything is fine. As I use it, I realise that I have to keep the wheel turned to the left to keep the car moving straight. The more turns I make, the worse it gets. Eventually I cannot make a left turn because the wheel has to be all the way to the left just to keept he car moving straight. I have tried it with all levels of force feedback and centering spring tension and nothing seems to prevent it from losing allignment.

Unplugging the wheel and replugging it seems to reset it, but after a few minutes of driving it happens again. I am past my 30 day return limit and I really hope there is a way to fix this, or I just wasted 300 dollars. The wheel is brand new and only been used three times.