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QuickCam E1000 Vista 64 issues...

I have looked at the threads and posts about Vista 64 issues and have followed the links to the other threads and still cannot find a solution or problem like mine.


I have a Core i7 processer and 9 gigs of tri-channel ram (only stating incase my chipset has anything to do with anything, and i've seen some posts about vista 64 and > 4 gigs or ram)


I can install QuickCam 11.8 (and 11.5) and they appear to install correctly, my camera will work inside of skype.  


my problem:


None of the QuickCam software will work, it will open, then freeze, no buttons will work.  Can't close it unless i kill it in Task Manager. i've installed and unistalled every version of QuickCam I could find.  I can not find a link to version 11.9 which I saw others have on here.  I can not run the check for updates since nothing will run on the app.  


Hope that makes sense and I look forward for any help.