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Logi Nu
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video capture from C910 on OSX - how?
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I want to capture (i.e., record) the HD (preferably 1080p, uncompressed or minimally compressed) video feed from my new HD Pro C910 and, even with extensive searching, I've not been able to find any sort of online manual or instruction that tells me how to do this on my Mac (Mac Book Pro 4,1 w/ 2.5 GHz Core 2 Duo, 6 GB RAM, OSX 10.6.8).  I have not downloaded the Logitech webcam software package, because the Logitech site (and many others) warn against installing the Logitech drivers, saying the Mac's native UVC drivers are superior, and I can't determine if installation of the Logitech webcam software will also result in installation of the Logitech drivers.  [I have installed Vid HD, because that app was available as a separate download.]


I've also downloaded Avidemux2, but can't find instructions on how to do video capture with that program.  




[I can easily do this in Photo Booth, but that limits me to 640 x 480; also, in Photo Booth, I get this odd "fluctuating wave" effect on my image that is very distracting.]