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Official - Flash sites/channels/apps having trouble after Android 3.1 update
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I am collecting a list of sites/apps/channels to share with my coworkers at Logitech and also with Google where Flash videos used to work fine with the previous 2.1 version but now there are serious problem with 3.1 - e.g crash or it just won't play.


Please reboot the Revue (NOT a factory reset) first and then try to reproduce the Flash problem as the first thing you.  We want to minimize the number of other processes running.  If taht doesn't cause the problem then run apps as normal

1) URL of the site, Spotlight Channel or name of App

2) The nature of the problem - e.g crash, choppy video, nothing happens

3) How reproducible is the problem for you?  Do you need other user apps to be running for Flash to have trouble - which ones were running?

4) If choppy videos, are you wired or wireless?

5) Can we PM you through the Forums if we need more info?


So far I have seen postings about

  • ESPN-3 (especially during commercials)
  • a bunch of Chinese web sites from Xiao
  • some private Flash videos behind a firewall
  • Vevo
  • HBO GO
  • Facebook videos (minimum of "")

Thanks for the help!