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Logi Rook
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Registered: ‎06-08-2006
They STILL didn't fix the 2.0 as 5.1 audio issues; media player fails to play sound on some MKVs...

If there was ONE THING I wanted with this update was that you guys would fix the 2.0 audio being sent as 5.1 out of the Revue. But nope, you failed on this.


It STILL sends 2.0 audio as 5.1 to my receiver and my receiver sees 5.1 so it does NO processing on it and I only get sounds from the right and left channels and NOTHING out of the center channel. That is beyond annoying. If the Revue sent the 2.0 sound AS 2.0 sound, my receiver would process it properly and the audio would be spread properly thru the proper channels, including the center.


This is the reason I've had the Revue disconnected for the last 6 months. It was beyond annoying. Unbelievable. Boxee had the same issue and they had it fixed in about a month. You've now had a YEAR and you continue to ignore it.


Oh and the media player? Another fail. Why is it I can play all my MKV files on the Sony GTV version WITH SOUND and no issues, yet many of the SAME MKVs, play with NO SOUND thru the Revue? Ugh!