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Harmony One Favourite Channel Help

hello all


i have a new harmony one that i have pretty much completed the setup on.


setup went pretty smooth until i got to the favourite channel/icon section


my setup consists of a Samsung plasma and also an Astone MP310dt PVR


i have configured this setup and all the buttons and combos work fine.


my actual problem is i have setup all my favourites in the remote to show all the channels i want and added icons. but once i have programmed the remote and go to my tv and hit for example Ch3 icon it actually changes the channel on the TV not the Astone PVR


but if i manually press the buttons on the remote EG: press number 3 on the remote, it will go to channel 3 on the pvr, if i hit the channel 3 favourites icon i have made on the lcd, it changes the TV channel, not the pvr channel. i want my favourites to change the pvr channel. not the tv channel as my tv is all through the pvr.


when i initially setup the pvr/tv combo my remote always changed tv stuff eg: channels, volume and so on not the pvr volume channels and so on.


so i reprogrammed the buttons manually in the pc software to suit the pvr, not the tv. which is fine as its all now working fine with the pvr. But favourites still controls tv not pvr.


please help


thank you