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Can't shut alarm Squeezebox Radio properly down

I'm using a Squeezebox radio shortley. Server on Synology NAS DS211 7.7.1 - r33735, firmware radio 7.7.1-r9557. There's a problem shutting down the alarm. I found there is no way shutting down the alarm without shutting down the intire week-schedual. In other words. I'm using a week-schedual: no alarm on saturday and sunday. When I push the power button when the alarm (don't matter if it's radio or an favorite) sounds all the alarm scheduals are shut down. While all I want is shut down the alarm for that day. Shutting down the alarm now means that I'm forced to enable the alarm in order to get an alarm the next day. There's no difference in which way I shut down the alarm (using the big button in the front by example). No problems using my Squeezebox radio further on. Any ideas how I can shut down the alarm without shutting down the intire week-schedual?