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Logi Nu
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Quick Cam s5500 issues with ManyCam

With the ManyCam software, I am able to connect the audio, but the software is unable to connect with my webcam (QuickCam s5500). The only error message is that "MannyCam can not connect to my webcam for some reason."


So far, I've tried updating the ManyCam software, and attempting to install LWS in a clean boot of Windows, both on my main (Administrator) account, and through a new Admin. account.



Technical Specifications


Webcam details

M/N: V-UCR45

P/N: 860-000106


LWS Version: 2.31 Build 13.31.1044 (I have tried to install LWS 1.10, but the installation screen is blank.)


ManyCam Version 3.0.68

OS: Windows 7 x64 (Service Pack 1)

Again, this issue occurs with the ManyCam software.


Any help is appreciated.